Monique Ricardo






International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) Professional, Monique Ricardo

Cover girl, fitness model, IFBB pro bikini, MuscleTech Athlete and Brazilian Jiu jitsu World Champion, Monique Ricardo is very passionate about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She loves helping others accomplish their fitness goals and teaching about wellness and nutrition. Monique started her fitness career in figure competitions in November of 2007. She competed and won her first figure competition, which landed her into nationals. In 2009, she switched over to a new division the IFBB league introduced, Bikini, where she turned pro at USA’s Vegas in July. Since then Monique Ricardo has been featured in many National fitness magazines, spreads and covers. Flex magazine named Monique in their top ten hottest fitness girls of all time. She also competed in the first ever Mrs. Bikini Olympia ever, where she place 8th place.

In her spare time, when she is not training for competitions, preparing for photo shoots or training others, you will find her on the mat! She has a huge passion for Brazilian Jiu jitsu. She was introduced to BJJ (Brazilian Jiu jitsu) by her now husband, Eddie Ricardo, a 2 stripe black belt. She started learning the art and lifestyle and soon found herself hooked and competing in some very prestigious tournaments.

She advance fairly quickly because of her dedication and hard work, getting her purple belt in two years, she went on to compete in the Worlds championships, where athletes become legends.  Monique won all of her matches, becoming a World champion in November 2010. Monique plans on reaching her goal of obtaining a black belt and continuing her training and tournaments. Monique has also been featured about her jiu jitsu in many of the mma magazines you find on the shelves today such as UFC, FIGHT, and Fighters Only.


Monique Ricardo is very focused, dedicated, passionate and motivated personal trainer/instructor. She is very detailed and understanding to one’s needs. Being in the fitness industry for about four years now, she has great knowledge of fitness and nutrition.


Fitness History:

2007 laredo tx, figure 1st place


2008 usa las vegas figure-3rd place


2008 team universe, newyork 4th place


2008 nationals, atlanta 5th place


2009 southwestern arlington tx 1st place and overall


2009 usa, las vegas 1st place and obtaining pro card


2010 maxmuscle contest-taking 2nd place qualifying for 2010 Olympia


2010-europa dallas, tx -8th place


2010-The Olympia, las vegas 8th place


Jiu-jitsu Tournament History

2009 april naga(north american grappling association) first place champion


2009 gi and no gi 1st place champion naga


2009 gi and no gi 1st place champion naga


2009 Robson Moura FL grappling championship-gi 1st place middle heavy-1st place open


2009 Nogi intermediate 1st place and EXPERT division 1st champion


2010 gi and no gi (may) 1st place EXPERT division and 1st place gi


2010 November, Worlds no gi championship, taking 1st place

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