Strength – Courage – Discipline – Vision – Respect

“I had the opportunity to be in some of the best Martial Arts Gyms in the world, and at Solid MMA – Cobra BJJ okc, I saw that not only they have a staff of qualified instructors, but I also noticed how the group in engage in a spirit of union and growth.  This is the real deal.  No experience, no problem I guarantee you they will treat you well and respect you, fighters they have the ability and connections to get you to the next level, I am proud to have you guys as a member of Cobra BJJ”

Eddie Ricardo

open 7 days a week

Oklahoma City Oklahoma’s Premier  MMA  Training Gym  We have several different classes for beginner to advanced.  We have a class for everyone! Want a good work out or want to become a cage fighter?  Our Okc Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai MMA training center provides the perfect backdrop for developing the MMA skill and determination needed to succeed in Martial Arts MMA and Cage Fighting. Our  gym is  open 7 days a week, and when class is not in session we have an open mat and weight training. We also have 1700 square feet of mat and a boxing ring 18×18. Solid MMA is staffed by professional, experienced, instructors, who have dedicated their lives to sharing the power of martial arts with the community. This is a program that teaches and promotes  a healthy and disciplined way of life.   We offer many classes to accommodate your busy schedule. Regardless of your age or level of experience, we have a program that is tailored just for you.

At Cobra BJJ-Solid MMA, OKC OK  we not only teach MMA technique, we build character through inner-strength, courage, vision, respect, and discipline. The spiritual side of martial arts is not ignored.

Come in and get your first 2 classes free! We offer a patient, supportive atmosphere. All ages welcome!


Strength – Courage – Discipline – Vision – Respect

Solid MMA
3132 N May
Okc, Ok 73127
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Welcome to Cobra MMA and Fitness 1441 Coit Rd Suite G Plano Tx 75075 We are a Mix Martial Arts and Personal Training Gym Our main objective is to enhance people's physical, mental, and emotional abilities. Where you will always feel welcome and encourage to grow WE WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE In our 4200sq2 facility, we are able to teach from 5 to 100 years old person, we are committed 100% in attending people’s needs. As people’s needs varies we have a group of very skilled, patient and encouraging instructors for either Fitness Classes, Mixed Martial Classes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, or private classes! Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, such weight loss, cardiovascular improvement, stress relief, or personal improvement. PERSONAL TRAINING - FITNESS - BJJ - BOXING - MMA