On top of teaching a technical, well balanced game for bjj, Eddie

Ricardo gives courage to his students to excel, wether it’s in jiu
jitsu or life

-Brandon Amano

Hello Everyone,
My Name is Steven. I am a 4 month student of Eddie and Bjj. I am 39 years old so i have been around for some time. I’ve done a 5 year bid with the Army. i also box. Bjj is nothing like any of it, Eddies method of teaching is a1. great detail, and the information of why. Training here has enriched my life.
Bjj is also known as the gentle art. So My plan is to get my black belt under Eddie, going all the way. This man has not only earned my trust. his method of show and tell teaching has allowed me to mimic his style,and make it my own. I have found my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Family.

-Steven Hawthorne

“I came to Cobra BJJ wanting to learn self-defense. After training for six months I’ve realized I’ve have gained much more than an understanding of different techniques.

I’ve gained the opportunity to grow in areas such as confidence, discipline, respect and fitness; not to mention gaining friendships that will last a lifetime!
If you feel like there is something missing in your life, I strongly suggest checking out the Cobra BJJ family!”
-Josh Iturrino

The best reason to train with Eddie Ricardo is because his Jiu-Jitsu game is a dynamic ever evolving thing. Most people upon reaching their black belts develop an ego and The Fear…that is the fear of failing. Here is a secret: to lose a match is not to fail…never even trying to compete…that is failure. Eddie is rare in that he is both a teacher and a competitor. This is important because with every victory and every defeat he gets better, and his game gets more complete. There are many paths in jiu jitsu and there will never be one single best way, so if you want to learn from someone who is continuing to push them selves to the limit and that is continuing to stay on the edge and develop their game, then Eddie is the man that you need to be training with.

-Avery Murray

I can guarantee that anyone who comes to train under Eddie is gonna get the best quality Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training they could ask for. You won’t find another black belt of his caliber that actually shows up every day, and puts forth his own time and effort into making his students better. Eddie actually cares about everybody at the gym, and instead of feeling like I’m about to go work my ass off every day, I feel like I’m about to go hang out with friends and family; because that’s exactly what we have at the gym. I train 4 days a week with Eddie and if i could I’d be training every day. Stick around and there’s no limit to the improvements you will see, and with Eddie teaching there’s no such thing as a plateau- its all up hill.

-Ryan Wiley

It is difficult for me to sum up everything that I want to say about Eddie Ricardo in just a few sentences. I hope that the testimony that I do provide serves him justice. He is a role model for me in numerous ways, not only in the sport of Jiu Jitsu, but also as a teacher and a role model in life. Eddie has not only taught me everything that I know about Jiu Jitsu but also has taught me numerous life lessons, for which I am very grateful. I trust so much in eddies teachings and techniques. Besides learning practical self-defense techniques, I have gotten in great shape and I have increased my confidence level. The training has also helped me in other areas of my life. I would highly recommend coming out to check out the family here at cobra bjj, it will feel like home! I am very blessed to have eddie ricardo as my teacher and friend for life. I am who i am today because of him. He has changed my life!
-Monique Minton

I started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Eddie Ricardo about 5 months ago. Before that I had trained with two previous instructors for a total of about 6 months and in all honesty I learned more BJJ in one week with Eddie than I did in those 6 months with previous instructors. The way Eddie and his brother Edgar break things down is phenomenal. They make sure they point out the smallest things when training which in the end makes a huge difference. Eddie is so knowledgeable in this sport it makes me feel good to know that I have a legitimate, highly technical, black belt on the mats. Since training with Eddie my physical and mental health has improved tremendously. Coming off a serious knee and shoulder injury I didn’t think I was ever going to live a active life style. I was very limited due to my knee and foot deformities so there weren’t many options left for me to do so I decided to take up BJJ. When I started with my previous instructors, I felt like I wasn’t really progressing and couldn’t maintain the positions or moves being taught to me which I thought was due to my weaknesses. Everyone else had prior backgrounds and teachings in the sport and knew what they were doing except for a few new kids who didn’t last very long. After a break of about 6 months I decided to return for the workout (even if that meant getting my butt kicked). When I returned I found that the previous instructors had left (by choice) and we had a new instructor named Eddie Ricardo. After the first week I finally got my first tap and was able to maintain positions and maneuver like everyone else due to the emphasis on detail and Eddies amazing coaching techniques and passion for the sport. I am now addicted to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and all the great things it has to offer and recommend this sport to everyone no matter their age, gender or physical capability.

-Anan Alasaad

“I have been training under Eddie Ricardo since April of 2006. Under his tutelage my understanding of jiujitsu has grown by leaps and bounds. Professor Ricardo has an extremely approachable manner, as well as a profound grasp of the sport of Jiu-Jitsu. His technique is ever expanding, and anyone who trains under him will undoubtedly advance his or her game through him.”

-Juan J. Castillo

“Jui Jitsu has become main stream with the new found popularity of MMA. When looking for a good Jui Jistu team it is important to know that you are getting quality instruction. I have known and trained with Eddie for over 3 years. He is a good friend and more importantly has taken my game to another level. Eddie challenges me on a daily basis to push myself and become better. Jui Jitsu has changed my life and I would recommend Eddie Ricardo’s training to anyone. Come and join our team!”

-Kurtis Taylor

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